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aerospace fasteners & surface treatment

Fasteners manufacturer & new actor in the field of surface treatment

Whole process in internally controlled; all production steps from forging to surface treatment are performed within the company.

GILLIS aerospace offers an exceptional responsiveness which is a key factor regarding the service level expected by aerospace and space sector customers: Quality, OTD, reactivity.

numero1Cold & middle-hot forging for steels; hot forging for titanium and Inconel

GILLIS aerospace has full cold & hot forging capabilities of blanks for bolt production from 3.00mm to 25.4mm dia in steel, titanium, Waspaloy® & Inconel. A large inventory of blanks and finished bolts/fasteners allows GILLIS aerospace to fulfill market demand with an extreme agility.

numero2Blanks adjustment on self-feeding machines

All machining and adjustments operations: length, particular geometry, grinding, drilling, performed on bolts/fasteners blanks are carried out on self-feeding machines.

numero3Thread rolling

Cold or hot thread rolling, depending on bolt material, is performed on manual or self-feeding machines. Thread rolling on titanium or Inconel fasteners is exclusively made in hot conditions.

numero4Dimensional & geometrical checks on optical controller

All dimensional & geometrical checks of bolt productions are performed on optical controllers.

numero5Metallurgical (macro & micro) checks

Grain distribution is checked on blanks after forging (macrography). Thread integrity is verified on bolts by random checks (micrography). Resistance & endurance tests on fasteners are also performed at that stage (not illustrated).


numero6Surface treatment in barrels

Cadmium plating: EN 2133 ; AMS QQP416 ; Air 3376 ; CCT LB522
Silver coating: EN 2786 ; CCT545 ; PAQ58C531 ; MFT0163
Passivation: EN 2516 (C1) ; AMS2700 (méthode1 type1) ; MFT0128 ; ITC/CO/D-019

Discover the heating induction system of titanium & Inconel bolt blanks.