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GILLIS aerospace has accumulated fasteners 50 years of skilled experience in the field of aerospace. The production process is fully integrated in order to provide customers with very high level service: Quality, On Time Delivery, responsiveness and agility.


GILLIS aerospace offers surface treatment capabilities such as Cadmium plating, Silver coating and Passivation to third party customers and to all companies acting on Aerospace mechanical production.

Field of applications

Attachment parts & Fasteners for airframes or aeronautical equipment

Vis et fixations pour cellules et équipements aéronautiques

Bolts & Nuts for Aerospace Engines


vis et fixation pour moteur aéronautique

Attachment parts & Fasteners for Helicopters


vis et fixations pour hélicoptères

Attachment parts & Fasteners for Space launchers & Satellites


vis et fixation pour spatial

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